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The House & Garden Festival brings together three leading lifestyle events, House Fair & Grow London, Spirit of Summer Fair and The Art and Antiques Fair Olympia (19 - 28 June) and presents an eclectic collection of products ranging from antiquity to contemporary – focused on craftsmanship and quality, design, interior and garden trends and luxury lifestyle.

Bursting with ideas and packed with inspiration and professional advice. Free talks and workshops from leading antiques, interior, garden and lifestyle experts plus loads of inspiration to take home from the stunning room set feature, however large or small your space.

KLC School of Design is excited to announce that we will be presenting a number of industry interactive talks as well as an informative panel discussion including leading London designers.

Rebecca Weir, Creative Director of LightIQ, will present her talk ‘Illuminate your way to a Happier Home’

Date & Time: Sunday 23 1:30 PM

Man flies to space, astronauts’ benefits from circadian lighting - what will your home and new lighting technology do for you? Our environments affect us on every level – physically, emotionally, and cognitively. Rebecca Weir, Creative Director of LightIQ will outline the key lighting design considerations and technologies to be considered when designing a happier, healthier home.

Rebecca Weir

KLC will also be hosting a talk presented by Anna Whitehead '

Date & Time: Thursday 19th June, 12.30pm

Research over the years has shown us that buildings have a direct effect on our physical & mental wellbeing. This is particularly significant, as we’re known to spend 90% of our lives within interior environments. We’re become increasingly aware of factors & lifestyles that can impact our health, but what part do interior environments play in enhancing or being detrimental to our wellbeing? If we want everyone in our building to be healthy, what design decisions need to be considered?
Anna Whitehead discusses the principles, strategies & materials to consider when designing interior environments for our health & wellbeing.

Anna Whitehead

The KLC panel discussion will cover ‘Sustainability and the Healthy House’ taking place on Wednesday 18th June 1.30pm

The panel will be chaired by Guy Oliver, currently the managing Director of Oliver Law. 
The panellists will consist of Sara Cosgrove (World-renowned Irish interior designer), Rebecca Weir (Creative director and founder of Light IQ), Anna Whitehead (Owner of design practice providing sustainable & wellbeing consultancy & training)

Pictured below (left to right); Anna Whitehead, Rebecca Weir, Sara Cosgrave and Guy Oliver

Although environmentally sustainable interior design has become a bigger issue in interior design practice, the frequency with which interior designers make sustainable choices in real practice is still limited, particularly where materials selection is concerned.  Sustainability and healthy material choices are also problematic and can impact on interior designers’ considerations when they are looking to design a ‘healthy house’ to meet the growing needs of clients. Both living and workspaces can greatly influence people’s physical health as well as their emotional state of mind. Thus it’s important to create environments that stimulate people’s senses in a good way, that improve productivity or relaxation in today’s often multi-function spaces, and that have health and wellness benefits to the people using them.

With the environmental, eco-conscious focus this year, House & Garden have invited interior designers from Designs Direct in association with KLC School of Design to create two inspirational designed feature residential spaces with a focus on sustainability and wellbeing to help promote good health and wellness. These will provide you with inspiration on sustainable and recycled / upcycled products, art and antiques available at the Festival, and how these can ethically but glamorously complement your interior and exterior spaces that are designed for the senses.

We look forward to sharing more about these exciting design workshops, installations and inspiration from the event.

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