KLC Grand Designs Live Judging Event


KLC is pleased to share with you the exciting judging event that took place at the 2019 Grand Designs Live Event. KLC Founder and Principal, Jenny Gibbs, was very kindly asked to be a part of the judging panel that was to select a winning design for their innovative 'Under The Stairs' project. 

Grand Designs Live

The Under the Stairs Project is a competition for Interior Designers, aiming to inspire visitors and encourage them to take home new ideas, information and supplier contacts. This competition focuses on the uplift in the use of unconventional spaces and we are inviting pioneering interior stylists to come and bring their ideas to life at the show, using colour, materials, and patterns to achieve some impressive spaces.

The winner of the ‘Under The Stairs’ project was announced in the Grand Theatre with all judges being present; Jenny Gibbs (KLC), Kevin McCloud, Barbara Chandler from the London Evening Standard and Kunle Barker. Congratulations to the selected winner, Chloe Spillet.

Jenny shared thoughts on her experience at Grand Designs Live, “The show was absolutely buzzing and the organisers told me that the Under the Stairs room sets were proving a huge draw for the visitors.  I took a little tour round before the judging began to get my bearings and found the theatre packed for Evey Dunbavin Hands talk on Kitchen Design with the audience hanging on her every word.

I met up with Kevin McCloud, Barbara Chandler and Kunle Barker and we were really impressed with the innovative ideas for the use of space and the level of detail that the designers had included.  There were so many inspirational and creative ideas for visitors to take away.  It was really hard to pick an overall winner but Chloe Spillet’s design for a children’s den stood out for the way that she had used the awkward triangular space and the clever front panel cut out in the shape of a house incorporating stairs up to a cosy area at the top.  A clever decorative feature was a peel and stick wallpaper that could easily be replaced if damaged or to relocate if needed. I was honoured to be asked to make the presentation to Chloe”

Please see image below of KLC principal, Jenny Gibbs, with the announced winner and fellow judges.

Grand Designs Live

Grand Designs Live

KLC would also like to give special mention to two of our online students that were shortlisted and successfully exhibited their 'Under The Stairs' space. This is fantastic industry recognition for designers and a valuable opportunity to network. Well done to Amanda Neilson and Kristyna McDarby whose room set spaces can be seen pictured below.

Kristyna McDarby
Using muted grey and wood tones, with heavily textured materials and fun touches alongside decorative artwork and walling, this modern, spacious and cosy dog house is the perfect retreat for a pampered pooch.

Amanda Neilson
Embracing the more ‘traditional’ use of an under-the-stairs space, a downstairs toilet, Amanda Neilson’s deign incorporates elements of design to bring a modern, spacious look to a usually cramped area. Using natural elements and textures, alongside green tones, spliced with bright floral colours and metallic accents, this beautifully natural powder room provides a small sanctuary in the home.

Grand Designs Live

Thank you to all those that attended our informative design workshops at Grand Designs Live hosted by KLC and presented by Evey Dunbavin Hands and Adrienne Chinn. 

We look forward to participating in future Grand Designs Live events and would like to congratulate them and their team for hosting a well organised event. 


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