KLC Students at Architects for Health (AfH) Awards 2019


Architects for Health (AfH) believes that the spaces of healthcare have an important effect on the well-being of patients, their friends and families, and that good design can positively influence patient outcomes. As well as promoting good design, AfH is also committed to encouraging the next generation to remain passionate about the quality of design for health and social care settings.

The AfH Student Design Awards takes place every year to challenge students of architecture and design to explore innovative and compassionate design for health and social care settings. 

KLC would like to congratulate the PT_DipHE group Long View Studios, who were awarded the ‘Judges Special Award for Collaboration’. The students in this group are Caroline Blakeney, Roni Cohen-Taiber, Orla Dunn, Egle Kobler, Carmel Laidlaw, Claudia Ludwig, Laraine Mak, Annabelle Mourelle, Emma Stevenson and Ling Zhu.

A big congratulation must also be made to the following students;

Christie Anderson & Michelle Francis-Brown (Concepts)

Joanna Chasmar & Roberta Benteler (Kin Design)

Sienna Major & Linda Kapuscinska (Concept 9)

These students did a wonderful job of representing their groups and the school. All should be hugely proud of the work they produced and the way they represent themselves.

This exciting group project was based on a space provided by the Royal Hospital of Neuro-Disability. The RHN is an independent medical charity that provides rehabilitation and long term care to people with complex neurological disabilities.

The project tasked students with proposing a creative but budget conscious designs for the vacant hospital spaces in a way that responds to the needs of patients, staff and family and that creatively represents and communicates the values and aspirations of the RHN. The RHN requested an interior High Street along one of the main thoroughfares of the hospital. Students needed to carefully consider the location of existing elements and propose new ones in the 3 vacant spaces.

KLC has always valued and maintained our relationship with the RHN as it has enabled a number of life-changing design projects such as the opening of the new Reed restaurant which you can read more about here!

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