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Alina Kibsgaard Portfolio

Q. What was your background before KLC?
A. Before beginning my studies at KLC in fall 2018, I did a gap year and travelled for a bit to work and volunteer, which then subsequently followed with a year acquiring a foundation degree in psychology.

Q. Why did you decide to study Interior Design?
A. I decided to study interior design as it is a subject and a career field, I have always been interested in. I love being creative and have always been fascinated by the different styles of interior in different regions in the world.

Q. Tell us about your experience of the course?
A. My experience in this course has been wonderful, I have really learnt so much about interior design but also about myself. As intense as it sometimes can be, it really is all worth it in the end when you have accomplished something you thought you could never do. Also met some lovely people along the way and have felt consistently supported from teachers.

Q. What are your design interests/strengths?
A. I do enjoy coming up with a concept for the space that will evoke and interesting sensation for people to walk through. I also enjoy spatial planning and rendering to really bring the design to life.

Q. What space inspires you?
A. Personally, I get inspired when I visit a country I have never been to and see how they use colours, patterns, form’s, and styles to bring out their culture. I think getting a diverse input on design is what evokes interest.

Q. Who is your favourite designer?
A. I like Ilse Crawford’s style as her philosophy for any space she designs is human comfort and habitability. I think its important that interiors for homes or commercial spaces feel like tangible and not intimidating for the average person.

Q. Where to from here?
A. I will now looking be out for a job or internship to further develop my skillset and aspirations of becoming a professional interior designer.

STUDY TIP - Learn about the industry outside KLC as well, look for inspiration and see how other designers have overcome certain challenges, creativity is a collaborative effort. Alina Kibsgaard