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Ella Simeon Portfolio

Q. What was your background before KLC?
A. Before starting my studies at KLC in 2018 I had been studying in Sixth Form, completing my A-Levels, two of were art-based subjects. During the summer between completing my A-Levels and starting KLC I went interrailing, travelling to nine European countries, experiencing a range of different types of inspiring architecture and design.

Q. Why did you decide to study Interior Design?
A. Having been inspired by a family friends interior design work at as very young ages it sparked a real interest for the subject, after a realisation that the classic 'little girls dream' of becoming a Vet wasn't realistic. This true fascination and passion around the subject cemented my desired future career path and urge to study Interior Design.

Q. Tell us about your experience of the course?
A. Being such a vocational course has allowed me to explore a number of different areas involved within and around the design process.  Projects are designed to make you questions, allowing you to constantly challenge and ultimately better your own design ideas.

Q. What are your design interests/strengths?
A. My strengths lie in design development / problem-solving, through sketching, model making and space planning, as well as 2D and 3D visualisation through technical drawings and detailing, using predominantly Revit and AutoCAD. Additionally, I am an extremely positive and enthusiastic individual who picks up things quickly and has a great amount of empathy.

Q. What space inspires you?
A. The Turbine Hall at the Tate Modern is a space which particularly inspires me, the phenomenal boundaries of human perception generated within the cavernous space through the echoing sounds and muted lighting makes the space feel endless. Additionally, the power and impact which installations placed within the space, both big and / or small, have on oneself, making them feel significantly smaller or bigger fascinates me.

Q. Who is your favourite designer?
A. I get inspired by designers that embrace the word 'designers' and go beyond their own specialist field. Thomas Heatherwick springs to mind straight away, he defines convention and embraces the idea of mixing all kinds of design disciplines together, resulting in some amazingly inventive projects.

Q. Where to from here?
A. I am really interested in working on projects in the public realm particularly restaurants and hotels, but as a designer new to the industry I would be happy to work on all kinds of projects to gain experience in this exciting field. I am a positive, friendly and enthusiastic designer who will fit into any studio with drive passion and imagination. 

STUDY TIP - As Henry Matisse says, 'creativity takes courage'. As designers we need to allow ourselves to make and except any mistakes made. It is those mistakes which allow us to improve and move forward with our creative ideas. Therefore, allow yourself to be corrigible and accept any mistakes made. You will become a greater designer for doing so. Ella Simeon