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Q. What was your background before KLC? 
A: Since having my 3 children I have worked part time as a book keeper for the family business, prior to that I was an early years teacher. 

Q. Why did you decide to study Interior Design?
A: I have been passionate about art and interiors for as long as I can remember. A few years ago I went on a blind making course and then utilised this skill on a small scale for family and friends. I was also heavily involved in the reconfiguration of space and all of the design choices in our current home. Constantly updating my knowledge in the area is one of my favourite pastimes.

Q. Tell us about your experience of the course?
A: It has really opened my eyes to the process of design, I now feel confident in applying that process to any future projects.
The cohort I worked with were a very friendly and supportive group of people with a wide breadth of talent and skills.
You definitely have to be prepared for a lot of hard work in order to complete the course, but once done it gives you a real sense of achievement.

Q. What are your design interests/strengths?
A: I particularly enjoyed the conceptual part of the design process and the 3d visualisation using SketchUp.

Q. What space inspires you?
A: I feel drawn to spaces that are uncluttered, with lots of natural textures and greenery.

Q. Who is your favourite designer?
A: Ilse Crawford, who's designs combine colour and a sense of calm beautifully. 

Q. Where to from here?
A: I would like to build on my recently acquired knowledge of 3d visualisation,  and work either in-house with an established interiors company, and/or apply my knowledge to independent projects through my own business.

STUDY TIP - Be prepared to commit a significant amount of your own time to building on the skills taught in college. Rachel Lohan