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Q. What was your background before KLC? 
A: Before starting my studies at KLC, in 2018, I had been studying in Sixth Form, completed my A-Levels, two of which being art-based subjects. During the summer between completing my A-Levels and starting KLC I went interrailing, travelling to nine European countries, experiencing a range of different types of inspiring varied design and architecture. 

Q. Why did you decide to study Interior Design?
A: Having been inspired by a family friend's interior design work at a very young age it sparked a real interest, after a realisation that the classic 'little girls dream' of becoming a Vet wasn't realistic. This true inspiration and fascination towards the design world cemented my desired future career path and urge to study Interior Design, in order to achieve my desired career. 

Q. What did you think of the course?
A: Having been given a variety of opportunities on projects which allow my peers and I to explore a number of different areas of design, has been eye-opening. It has allowed me to fall in love with the commercial design and the idea that you could positively impact the lives of a large number of people. 

Q. What are your design interests/strengths?
A: As previously mentioned, I have taken a real fascination into Commercial design whilst studying on the FdA course at KLC, and therefore want to explore that interest further. I believe that my greatest strengths are AutoCAD, Photoshop and sketch design development, which all allow me to bring the design to life, whilst allowing clients to visualise the space, this is what excites me. I love the idea of creating and fulfilling client's dreams. 

Q. What space inspires you?
A: The Turbine Hall at the Tate Modern particularly inspires me, the idea that it used to house electrical generators for the power station and now has been made into a space which allows visitors and artists to interpret the vast industrial space in a number of different ways, whilst retaining much of the original character. By regenerating the space and its function it brings the building a new lease of life, and when thinking about our changing world and the importance of sustainable design this way of designing and thinking seems particularly crucial.

Q. Who is your favourite designer?
A: There are many designers who I take inspiration from and admire. Kit Kemp is one who really excites me with the way she creates exciting and unique interiors which tell a story by being corrigible with her creativity, not shying away from colour, pattern and detail is something I admire. 

Q. Which project did you find most inspirational?
A: I particularly enjoyed Final Project, which allowed me to explore Hospitality design further. Creating a proposed restaurant design for Carousel, London, allowed me to explore how a design proposal can reflect a changing atmosphere which was particularly exciting, allowing me to explore more abstract ways of how a visitor can feel within a restaurant space which constantly changes.

Q. Where to from here?
A: Having really enjoyed studying at KLC on the FdA course I want to continue my studying by completing the BA Hons Top up year. This additional year will broaden my knowledge on Commercial Design, as well as, build upon my existing skills,  hopefully making the transition into the working design world, after finishing my studies less intimidating. 

STUDY TIP - As Henry Matisse says, 'creativity takes courage'. As designers we need to allow ourselves to make and except any mistakes made. It is those mistakes which allow us to improve and move forward with our creative ideas. Therefore, allow yourself to be corrigible and accept any mistakes made. You will become a greater designer for doing so. Ella Simeon