Live Karma Yoga Group Project

Live Karma Yoga encourages community spirit, accessibility and empowerment through Yoga. They offer classes, workshops, events, mentoring, training and retreats in support of our local communities.

Classes are provided to ensure that they are accessible and affordable to all, with the majority of our proceeds being invested back into the community and charities that we partner with. LKY believes that Yoga should be available to everybody; emotionally, physically and financially. Their intention is to break down barriers and bring people together, both encouraging and strengthening long-term change within and across communities.

The brief for this project was to propose creative but budget-conscious designs for a yoga studio space, counsellor's space, flexible meeting and working spaces along with amenities such as a kitchenette and WCs. These should all be designed in a way that responds to the needs of staff and visitors and that creatively communicates and represents the needs, values and aspirations of the clients.

We would like to congratulate the Project Groups whose designs are shown below.


 And the winner is...


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