Cindy Fuller

Cindy Fuller

Name:            Cindy Fuller
Age:               55
Nationality:    British
Course:          Full Time Certificate Interior Design (2006)

What were you doing before KLC? 

I have had a varied career life. I left school at 16 and travelled the world as a professional dancer. I moved to LA when I was 26 and worked as PA to Sylvester Stallone for several years but moved back to UK 10 years later with my American husband and 3 year old son. I have always enjoyed renovating properties and have done so since I was in my early 20's. Even when I was renting, I would find a way to make it personal to us. 

Why did you decide to attend KLC?

I have become passionate about interior design and by putting schemes together I learned a lot but attending a design college gave me much more of an insight into how an idea can go from good to great and there's no doubt about it, you can always tell if a space has had the touch of a trained designer. The devil as they say, is in the detail and that's never been more true as far as interior design goes. The course was intensive but well thought through, I enjoyed every minute and made some lovely friends too. 

"Attending KLC gave me much more of an insight into how an idea can go from good to great and there's no doubt about it, you can always tell if a space has had the touch of a trained designer." Cindy Fuller

Can you identify some of the highlights of your time at KLC?

One of the highlights was definitely going to the museums. I find the history of interior design absolutely fascinating. We are so fortunate to have such an abundance of history in the UK on our doorstep and we are surrounded by so many wonderful galleries and museums. The teachers at KLC are exceptionally knowledgeable about their given subjects and very approachable and loved answering questions which made it a joy. 

Where did you find inspiration for your course work?

We were given bags and bags of small samples of fabric and anyone that knows me will tell you that I'm never happier than being knee deep in fabrics, wallpaper and paint samples, so a lot of inspiration came from that and more from walking around the museum. I love playing with colour and finding new combinations that you never thought would work, it’s the little things like that that excite me and get the juices flowing.

What challenges did you face during the course?

If I had had the time I would of taken the Diploma course, so I guess the real challenge was handing assignments in on time but I wouldn't change it, it certainly keeps you on your toes.  I learned so much in such a short space of time. The certificate course is compact but you are left with an enormous amount of material at the end to spend time at your leisure going over it.

How has your career evolved since KLC?

At first I used my experience and knowledge to renovate properties that I have been fortunate enough to live in but lately have decided to go into interior design professionally. I cannot imagine my life now without it. Also, I have to have some sort of excuse for spending untold hours on Pinterest and Houzz! 

What exciting projects are you working on currently?

I have just finished working on our 5 bedroomed house in Putney. It took nearly a year to complete as we practically gutted the property and I'm thrilled that we've been asked to feature our home in 25 Beautiful Homes. More infomartion can be found on my company website, Cindy Fuller Interiors.

What are your career aspirations for the future?

Since completion, I've been asked by several people to work on their property so I'm looking forward to that. As for aspirations, I'd like to be remembered as being an 'edgy' designer. I want to push the boundaries in design and I'm excited, I think the best is yet to come! I'd love to do for interior design, what Alexander McQueen did for fashion. 

What advice would you give to an inspiring designer thinking of studying at KLC?

I would say, don't just think outside the box, go around it, under it and over it if that’s what it takes. As a designer you can't afford to be timid, we need more trailblazers. We also need designers that see ordinary objects and inject something spectacular into them. Studying at KLC shows you the rules, when you know what they are... you then know how to break them!   

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