Amelia Beastall

Name: Amelia Beastall
Age: 27 
Nationality: British
Course: Diploma HE Applied Interior Design


Q. What was your background before KLC? 
A: I studied History of Art at University and then moved into the world of PR after graduating. I worked for brands including Burberry and Notonthehighstreet before deciding to follow a more creative route and retrain in Interior Design.

Q. Why did you decide to study Interior Design?
A: Interior Design is something I’ve been fascinated in since a young age when I used to draw up floorplans of different layouts for my childhood home and keep a scrapbook of furniture I loved. My previous career entailed setting up spaces for various events which I thrived off and as a highly creative and visual person I decided it was time to pursue this passion as a career path.


Q. What did you think of the course?
A: The course has been an unforgettable experience, which was both challenging and rewarding. I have learnt a huge amount and am proud of what I have achieved in the past nine months, whilst also thoroughly enjoying the chance to embrace my creativity and work with like-minded individuals.

Q. What are your design interests/strengths?
A: I’m fascinated by texture and have always loved combining different finishes when creating. I am drawn to designing really tactile environments and have a strong interest in using organic, natural and sustainable resources.

Q. What space best represents you?
A: I take inspiration from all around when designing but the type of spaces that inspire me the most are open, warm, tactile and calming. I’m influenced by spaces which combine natural with man-made, and antique with modern for example eclectic interiors which have a simplistic, clean twist.


Q: Who is your favourite designer?
A: It is hard to pick one favourite as there are so many incredibly talented designers out there who inspire me in different ways. But just a couple of my very favourites include Ilse Crawford for her human-centred, natural approach to design, and Sophie Ashby for her art-focused eclectic style and beautiful rich colours.

Q. What are your plans for the future?
A: I am really excited to put the skills I’ve learnt throughout the course into practice in the design world and continue to learn and grow as a designer. I am open minded as to where this will take me, but as travel is a real passion of mine and something that influences me, I would love to work internationally one day in the future.

STUDY TIP - My advice would be to take the opportunity to be really creative during the course - be open minded, look widely for inspiration and document everything in your sketchbook. I’d also say it’s vital manage your time well to ensure you get a good balance between learning new skills and making the most out of the opportunity to be amongst like-minded, highly creative people who will support and motivate you. Amelia Beastall