Denise Hamilton

Name: Denise Hamilton
Age:  50
Nationality:  French
Course:  Full Time Diploma Interior Design, September 2016

What was your professional background before KLC?

After graduating as a designer in the early nineties I spent few years as a graphic designer in Switzerland and France. My professional design career then had a long pause while raising my four children, during that time I managed to concentrate in another of my greatest passions: oil painting. After a successful exhibition in London in 2013 I decided to return to the source and dedicate my time fully to interior design. Since then, I’ve had the opportunity to complete three very different projects of interior design including a ski chalet in the Alps.

Denise's ski chalet

When you were looking for courses, what was it about this course that appealed to you?

I was interested in the Full Time Diploma because I felt the need to get back to the industry as soon as possible; the family pause was good but also quite long. This course gives me a comprehensive preparation and the proper tools to feel confident to re-join the designer’s professional network. It is a very intensive course, challenging but cleverly planned.

How does the course fit around your lifestyle?

It doesn’t!! I fit everything around it!!  (It is a one year family-agreed commitment) Time management has been the most difficult aspect to deal with. Having a large family makes it hard to combine so many hours of study. In other hand I have so many issues to deal with that it has helped me to become more productive and organized. At moments of great pressure, I feel the family supports me, gives me the space, and helps me, what is also comforting.

What are you enjoying most about the course?

Working as a team: I have realized how motivating is to share ideas, feedback, and other people’s knowledge and life experiences. Having students of twenty nationalities together in one studio can only make it an interesting and cultivating experience. Lectures and tutorials have been very interesting and eye opening. There is also a very friendly atmosphere.

Where do you look for inspiration?

I find everything I need in nature: atmosphere, space, volumes, proportion, balance, colour, textures.

Examples of Denise's first project