Natalie Rudland


Name: Natalie Rudland
Nationality: British
Course: Garden Design Diploma

Q: What was your background before KLC?

A: I was an interior designer working on high end private residential properties, including renovations and new builds.


Q: Why did you want to study Garden design?

A: I became interested in the correlation of inside and out and how the two connected together to become one liveable space.


Q: What did you think of the course?

A: Relentless!


Q: What are your design interests

A: I have always loved textures, colours and patterns and am interested in all arts, including photography, architecture, painting, sculpture and of course design.


Q: What do your college peers say about you?

A: Strong, bold confident designs in both visualisation and drawing. Great attention to detail shown in use of textures, layers, colours and combinations of materials.

Accomplished computer skills in VW, Photoshop and Indesign.

Clear verbal and written communication, with outstanding organisation and leadership skills.

Knows how to celebrate the end of a hard day!


Q: Which are you favourite gardens?

A: Waterperry Gardens was my favourite visit this year. It is a magical place where you are surrounded by beautiful trees, shrubs and flowers, classical borders, modern planting, with secret corners and long vistas. They also have a hidden garden in ‘silent space’ that was so peaceful and tranquil, where you can sit and reflect without being disturbed by the human voice.


STUDY TIP - The year goes by in the blink of an eye! You will be amazed by what you have learnt in one year, you will surpass your own expectations, make sure you enjoy every minute! Natalie Rudland