Tara Dowling

Name: Tara Dowling
Age: 35
Nationality: British
Course: Certificate Residential Interior Design


Q. What was your background before KLC? 
A: I have worked as a marketer for the last 13 years across various sectors including retail, telecommunications, live entertainment and automotive. My most recent role was working for M&S managing the Christmas campaign, which included getting to know the famous Paddington Bear in a great amount of detail. I really enjoyed finding new ways to bring life to a brands creative ambitions.

Q. Why did you decide to study Interior Design?
A: My dad started his own building and surveying business over 40 years ago so I guess you can say a part of it is in my blood as I have always been around that part of the process, and always enjoyed seeing his vision come to life. I was lucky enough to renovate our first home with the help and guidance of my dad, which was very intense, but extremely rewarding.

dowling-tara-image 04

Q. What did you think of the course?
A: I must admit, it was much more intense than I ever thought it would be, especially managing home life with a baby, but it was so worth the challenge. The amount I have learned in such a short space of time is incredible, and now I can look back on it I understand why the course is built that way. It is designed to push you, to learn and develop all at once. 

Q. What are your design interests/strengths?
A: I really enjoyed learning Auto Cad as I had seen so many plans over the years, I understood the basics of what is required when conforming to the regulations. I enjoy the process of looking at a space and making the best possible use of that space for practicality and aesthetics. 

Q. What space inspires you?
A: One of my favourite places in the world is France, for many reasons which include amazing cheese and wine - my husband and I were married there in a venue called Chateau de Lartigolle. The moment I walk into the courtyard, with its beautiful rustic surroundings, complete with 2 lazy dogs sleeping under the central trees I totally fell in love. 

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Q. Where to from here?
A: I am ready to jump straight into the interior design world head on. Completing the course has given me the confidence and skills to get started, whether that’s working on a few projects of my own initially or finding a great opportunity to add value, whilst progressing those newly acquired skills.

STUDY TIP - Advice to any new students doing the full-time certificate course would be… cancel any plans you have for the next three months and just roll with it. Spend lots of time, if you can, getting to know the suppliers both in the design centre and any other places you can visit. Also, just trust in yourself and the decisions you are making but keep asking for help from your tutors because that’s what they’re there for. Ultimately though, it is about you so try to have fun learning and figuring out what you enjoy! Tara Dowling