Student Welfare

Welfare is at the heart of KLC’s vision and values

Emotional stress can have a big impact on academic success. At KLC, welfare is integral to our teaching approach.

We recognise the need for pastoral (non-academic) support for all students.  This is especially important for overseas students and those new to London, who are adapting to a different culture and living environment. 

We pride ourself on supporting all of our students which leads a very high number successfully completing their course.

The KLC Welfare Department

The Welfare Department provides one to one, non-judgmental and confidential information.  We offer advice and guidance to students on a range of personal and course-related concerns. Students can speak to a friendly member of the Welfare Department about any issues they may be facing. The welfare team, together with the students, will come up with a plan to manage and monitor the situation.

This support is offered face to face, by telephone and also by e-mail. Additionally, the Welfare Department can refer students on to external, specialist support services.

Types of problems students might speak to the Welfare Department about include, but are not limited to:

  • Homesickness
  • Living arrangements
  • Difficulties adapting to study – stress, time management, confidence issues, perfectionism, procrastination, dealing with feedback etc.
  • Financial worries
  • Course-related concerns, group dynamics, extensions etc.
  • Health issues, both physical and mental including - stress, anxiety and depression
  • Personal issues including family and relationship difficulties and bereavement
  • Learning Difficulties – dyslexia, dyspraxia, dyscalculia, AD(H)D


The Welfare team always seeks permission from students to share relevant information with the Course Leader and tutors. This may occur if the issues could affect their studies. Tutors offer a fair and non-discriminatory level of support, handling issues sensitively and helping to support those in crisis.

Welfare Advice on Application

Students may disclose learning difficulties or support needs at any time but we would encourage you to share this information sooner rather than later so that we are best able to support you for the duration of your studies.  The best point to discuss any welfare support that might be needed is at Interview.  However, if you don’t feel comfortable sharing this at the point of admission, then please contact the Welfare Department in confidence. This will allow us to co-ordinate the academic support you may need and to notify relevant tutors, with your permission, on the potential impact of your condition on your studies and how we can best accommodate this.  Please refer to our Disabilities and support policy for further information.

Contact: Annie or Jessica at (020 7376 7400 or

Additional Support

The dedicated Welfare team also takes the time to research & produce written materials to guide students in distress on an individual basis.  Recorded lectures are also available for the online courses students. They aim is to promote self-agency, resilience and independence.  These and a range of other welfare support materials can be found on the VLE, the students’ online portal.